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Development of technologies

Plasma treatment technology

Roughening, etching, functional layer formation

We engage development of surface roughening and etching of polymeric materials and functional layer formation on the substrate surface by plasma treatment


Roughening of polyimide surface

Adhesiveless bonding technology

Adhesiveless bonding technology

Adhesiveless bonding of various materials not only laminate electrical insulator "Namli® (aramid paper/plastic film laminate)" and polyimide laminate board but also lamination of PEEK, PPS, PET is realized by combining plasma surface treatment and heat lamination.

Synthesis of polymeric materials

Design and synthesis of new polymers are performed to meet customer's request.

Examples of developed materials

・Solvent-soluble transparent polyimide
・Polyimide suitable for wet polyimide etching process (Low CTE, High adhesion)

Synthesis of polymeric materials