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Materials for TAB/COF

Main materials for TAB/COF

We supply various materials for TAB/COF.
 ●Slit copper foil
 ●Slit CCL with backup tape
 ●Lead tape

  • ASlit copper foil
  • BSlit CCL with backup tape
  • CPET spacer with collar
  • DLead tape (PI, PEI, PET)
銅箔スリット品 CCLラミネートスリット品 PETカラー付スペーサ リードテープ(PI、PEI、PET)


Products Meterial Thickness
Slit copper foil ED copper 9 - 70 μm ≦1000mm
RA copper
Laminate and slit products CCL for COF with backup tape According to CCL ≦1000mm
Lead tape PET film 50 - 200μm 35 - 200mm
PEN film
PEI film
PI film
PET spacer with collar PET film    

※Other materials for TAB/COF are also available. Please contact us.