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Main insulators for motors

Kawamura Sangyo supplies insulators for various type of motors, such as industrial motors and automotive motors.
 ●Slot liner
 ●Phase insulator
 ●Insulating cap

  • ASlot liner
  • BWedge
  • CPhase insulator (Ultrasonic bonding type, Punching type
  • DInsulating cap
     (Ultrasonic bonding type)
絶縁物スリット加工品 マイクロスリット加工品 プラスチックフィルムスリット加工品 アルミ箔スリット加工品


Products Material Thickness (μm)
Insulators for motors PET film 20 - 500μm
PEN film
PEI film
PI film
PP film
Laminate film (e.g. PPS/PET/PPS) According to material specification
Non-woven sheet/film laminate, NOMEX®/film laminate
Namli® NSN, NKN (Our original product)