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Examples of plasma surface treatment 製品ページへ


Improvement of wettability of plastic surface

The surface of various substrates, such as film, metal foil and nonwoven fabric is reformed to give surface hydrophilicity or repellency.


Adhesion improvement of film surface

Adhesion of various plastic films will be improved dramatically by our plasma treatment. We propose the best plasma condition considering the film type and purposes.

Surface cleaning

Organic contamination of substrate surface is removed to give clarified surface. Residue of rolling oil which is not removed by wet cleaning completely can be removed efficiently by plasma treatment.

Bonding of various materials

Various materials are bonded by special plasma treatment without adhesive.

Example of adhesion improvement - Adhesion improvement of PTFE film -

Adhesion of PTFE film, which is known as one the most difficult materials to adhere, can be improved.

Adhesion improvement of PTFE by plasma treatment

Adhesion improvement of PTFE by plasma treatment

Example of durability of plasma treatment effect


Flowchart of trial

Confirmation of inquiry ・We confirm the content of inquiry and propose proper conditions to meet the request.   Trial with laboratory scale equipment ・We are glad to offer free plasma treated samples for the first inquiry (up to 5 runs).
・We offer paid samples for addtional runs.
・Maximum treating size: 100mm x 200mm
・Manufacturing plasma equipments are used for the samples larger than 100mm x 200mm. We will quote individually for the samples which will be treated with manufacturing equipments.
  Treatment for roll samples with manufacturing equipments ・We perform roll-to-roll plasma treatment with manufacturing equipments according to the conditions obtained from laboratory runs.
・We will quote for roll samples individually.

Plasma treatment with manufacturing equipments

We perform surface modification of plastic films, non-woven fabrics and metal foils as contract manufacturing. We are glad to search the best plasma condition which meet customer's request.

Examples of material for plasma treatment

Plastic film : Polyesters (PET, PEN), Polyolefines (PP, COP), Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), Polyimide,    Polyamide, Fluorinated polymers (PTFE, ETFE, PVDF, FEP, PFA)
Metal foil : Copper, Aluminum, Stainless steel
Fabric material : Aramid paper, Non-woven PET fabric, Nonwoven PPS fabric

Maximum width : 1200mm
Material thickness : 4 - 500µm (Basically, material which allows roll to roll process can be treated.)