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Heat lamination

01Heat lamination

熱プレス加工 熱プレス加工

Heat pressing

Plastic films and metal foils are heat pressed with a large scale heat pressing machine.
(Available size: up to 600mm x 1,000mm)

(Left: Mid size heat press with 5 openings, Right: Large scale heat press)

連続熱ラミネート 連続熱ラミネート

Reel to reel heat lamination

Plastic films and aramid paper are continuously laminated.

(Left: High pressure heat laminator, Right: Medium pressure heat laminator)


  Reel to reel heat laminator Vacuum heat pressing
Facilities Medium pressure heat laminator
High pressure heat laminator
Test heat laminator
Large scale vacuum heat pressing machine
Medium scale vacuum heat pressing machine
Small scale vacuum heat pressing machine
Temperature Max 220℃ Max 380℃
Maximum size 1,000mm width 600mm×1,100mm
Examples of material Aramid paper/Film/Aramid paper
Non-woven fabric/film
Metal foil/Thermoplastic film
Film/Adhesive sheet etc.
Plastic film laminate board
(Polyimide, PPS, PEEK etc.)
Metal foil/Thermoplastic PI
Film/Adhesive sheet/Metal foil etc.

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