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We will contribute to social development by providing products and services which lead to customer satisfaction based on company's fundamental policy.

[Quality policy]

  1. 1 We try to understand customer needs correctly, and supply newly developed products and services which satisfy customers.
  2. 2 We provide top level of quality by practicing of technology innovation and quality improvement.
  3. 3 We set quality objectives and perform continual improvement of quality management system on the basis of all company members participation to establish stable supply of products and services which satisfy customers’ requirements.
  4. 4 We comply with related laws and regulations. We respect the right of customers and other interested parties.



We realize that environmental problems of the earth, such as global warming, destruction of ozone layer, air/water pollution and depletion of resources, are common issues for all humanity. We proceed company activities to aim at the construction of the future society which is tender to human being and the earth by practicing reduction of environmental burden and action for environmental conservation continually and proactively.


[Environmental policy]

We set the following environmental policy based on above environmental principle. We perform environment management activity on the basis of all company members participation.

  1. 1 We comply with environmental laws and regulations, protocols and other agreed requirements. We perform activity for environment conservation.
  2. 2 We work on reduction of environmental burden, conservation of global environment and biodiversity. We prevent environment pollution by proceeding environment-conscious company activity.
  3. 3 We comply with laws and regulations concerning green purchasing. We provide environmentally tender products by eliminating or reducing environmentally regulated substances from handling materials and processes.
  4. 4 We work on environment-conscious manufacturing by promoting efficient resources and energy utilization, reduction of waste and develop ecologically friendly products and services.
  5. 5 We set environment objectives and perform continual improvement of environment management system to achieve better environment performance.
  6. 6 We provide adequate guidance to subcontractors about our environmental activities. We keep harmonization and relationship with local society by releasing information about our environmental activities.

Above environmental policies are notified to all the members who work at or for the organization by notification, displayed documents and/or electronic documents. The policies are published to interested parties on our website.


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SBT(Science Based Targets)