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Kawamura Sangyo Co., Ltd., with its main business of insulators, electronic materials, micromachining and international business, pursues high quality, high performance, excellent cost performance and timely production schedule through sophisticated technology and skills. Our motto, "People, Technology and Future," represents our sincere desire for achieving happiness for our customers, employees and shareholders toward the future through manpower and technology.


  1. Contribution to society

    We contribute to social development by creating and supplying new values through our business activities.

  2. Compliance to laws and social ethics

    We comply with domestic and foreign laws, acts, regulations and social ethics. We promote fair and right company activities.

  3. Environment conservation for sustainable society

    We practice globally tender environmental activities to contribute to realization of sustainable society.

  4. Assurance of safety and quality of products/services

    We supply safe and high-quality products/services for customers’ reliance and satisfaction.

  5. Realization of safe and pleasant working environment

    We ensure safety of working place and respect personality of each employee. We realize safe and pleasant working environment with no discrimination or harassment.

  6. Adequate information control

    We enhance the security of information for adequate control of individual information and customer information. We work for adequate disclosure of company information.