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01Main slit products processing technologies

We supply slit products of plastic films, metal foils and insulating materials.

  • ASlit insulating materials
  • BMicro-slit products
  • CSlit plastic films
  • DSlit aluminum foil
  • ESlit copper foil
  • FSlit clean paper
絶縁物スリット加工品 マイクロスリット加工品 プラスチックフィルムスリット加工品 アルミ箔スリット加工品 銅箔スリット加工品 クリーンペーパースリット加工品

02Details of slit products processing technologies

Material Clean class Main considerable application Maximum material width before slitting Maximum roll diameter before slitting Material thickness Minimun slit width
Insulating materials Electronic materials Indirect materials
Standard slitting PET film -   2000mm 800mm 25〜800µm 3.5mm
PEN film  
PP film  
Insulating materials    
Laminate film    
Non-woven sheet/film laminate, Paper/film laminate e.g. NOMEX®/PET/NOMEX®    
Namli®(KAWAMURA's original product)    
Laminating and slitting CCL for COF +Backup film Class 1000     1200mm 500mm - 35mm
PI film +Backup film    
Clean slitting PET film Class 1000   2000mm 1000mm 4〜500µm 5mm
PEN film  
PI film  
PEI film  
Photo-sensitive film    
Laminate film    
Clean paper    
Slitting of metal foil Copper foil Class 1000     800mm 500mm 9〜250µm 10mm
Aluminum foil    
Stainless steel foil    
Micro-slitting PET film Class 1000     - 400mm 12〜188µm 2mm
PI film    
Copper foil    
Stainless steel foil    

※Slitting of other materials is also available. Please contact us.